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Zerran Products
Zerran Products


  • All Zerran shampoos are safe for use on color treated and chemically processed hair.
    • Botanum-Chemically Treated Hair- Criteria- Normal to Dry Hair- *Our extra conditioning formula is ideal for tinted, bleached, colored, or permed hair. Soy and corn proteins add extra nourishing shine and strength.
    • *Soy proteins and vitamin E help condition dry, lifeless flyaway hair while providing light conditioning and shine.
    • Regimen- Deep Moisturizing for Dry Hair- Sulfate Free Shampoo-*Super mild, creamy formula moisturizes and conditions as it gently cleans hair and soothes the scalp. Great for use on curly hair.
    • *Natural herbal antioxidants fight free radical damage that could lead to color fading while super gentle, rich lather thoroughly cleanses the hair
    • Daily Conditioning for Extra Body- *Infused with organic extracts and apple juice for extra body, shine and silky feel to fine or limp hair.
    • Blue Shampoo- For Brassy, Grey or Platinum hair- *Natural chamomile extract and conditioners eliminate brassy yellow color from grey or platinum hair. Texture stays soft and pliable with no blue build up.
    • Oily Hair Dandruff Shampoo- *Natural tea tree oil and eucalyptus extracts help reduce oiliness, flakiness and itching associated with oily hair dandruff. Herbal antioxidants soothe and condition the scalp while fighting free radical damage.
    • Reform Moisturizing Shampoo- *Rich moisturizing lather is specially formulated to maintain hair following a chemical service. Also keeps curly or wavy
    • Clean-Dry Shampoo- Rinse Free Volumizing & Cleansing-*No water needed! Use this combo shampoo and body wash with natural anti-bacterial properties when wetting hair is not an option. Extend the life of blow-outs, after a workout, while camping or anytime the hair and scalp needs to feel fresh and clean.


    • All Zerran conditioners are safe for use on color treated and chemically processed hair.
      • Equalizer-Leave In or Rinse Conditioner & Detangler- *Natural proteins add shine and optimum protection from thermal styling of this leave-in conditioner and detangler. Suitable for daily use.
      • Hair Redemption- Treatment for Extremely Damaged Hair- *Emergency natural vegan protein hair repair treatment conditions and strengthen hair without brittleness. Excellent for use before and after chemical services including perms, color services, bleaching, hair straightening or smoothing treatments.
      • Moisture Pak- Deep Moisturizing Treatment for Dry Hair-*Natural extracts and soy protein moisturize, condition and soothe both scalp and hair Adds body, shine, and pliability. Safe for daily use.
      • Omni Pak- Protein Repair for Damaged Hair- *This extra-strength emulsified protein hair reconstructor adds moisture and increases flexibility, shine and pliability to hair. Excellent for use before-and-after perm and color treatments.
      • Equalizer Natural Volume- Volumizing Protein Conditioner- *Natural vegan proteins increase the body, volume and thickness of hair. Adds strength and pliability while repairing split ends giving hair a luxurious look and feel.
      • Sprae Essential- Volumizing Color Conditioner & Detangler- *Specially formulated to protect hair from fading, this lightweight leave-in conditioner is a great detangler that adds volume, shine and silky feel to hair
      • Daily Conditioner- *Organic proteins including natural apple juice, condition and detangles hair without weighing hair down or leaving a heavy film.
      • Sulfate Free- Leave In or Rinse Conditioner- *Natural herbal antioxidants prevent oxidation that could lead to color fading while vegan proteins help condition and soothe hair and scalp.
      • Reform Moisturizing Conditioning Rinse-*Proteins in this rich moisturizing conditioner are designed specifically for after-care use following a chemical service. Also keeps curly or wavy hair at healthy, frizz-free moisture levels

      Styling Enhancers:

        • Firm Hold Gel- *Excellent form, firm support and style come from this flake-free formula that reactivates easily with water. Provides extra protection from thermal and environmental damage.
        • Styling Gel- Volumizing Medium Hold- *Long lasting medium hold gel is superb for use in braiding, as a setting gel, and to achieve “scrunch and curl” styles. Achieve a natural feel with flake free results.
        • Radiant Finish Liquid- Shine, Texture & Frizz Control-*This liquid finish helps smooth frizzed, frayed and damaged hair by adding a smooth silky texture and extra shine to styled hair'
        • Radiant Finish-Styling Glaze Medium Hold- *Add control, volume, texture and sheen to all hair types and styles with this long-lasting medium hold finishing glaze. Mix with water to create a setting or cutting lotion.
        • Radiant Finish- Gel-Straightening & Texturizing Shine Gel- *Excellent for use during blow-drying to help smooth hair whether it’s wavy, coarse or curly. Lightweight formula is non greasy with a smooth silky finish and hair protection from the effects of thermal styling.
        • Radiant Finish- Volumizing Styling Mousse- Medium Hold- *Non-aerosol styling foam adds shine, texture and volume to all hair types. Flake free formula finishes hair without leaving a stiff crunchy hold.
        • Radiant Finish- Pomade- Styling Wax- *Just a small amount will do it! Add great shine, texture and touch control to wet or dry hair for today’s current fashion-forward looks. Easily washes out of hair and fabric.
        • Re n Force- Medium Hold Shaping Spray- *Non-aerosol, fast drying, medium hold shaping spray protects against color fading while natural extracts add moisture and shine to hair.
        • Sprae Sec- Rapid Dry Firm Spray-*Unique rapid dry, super finishing spray has excellent holding power with natural moisture, protection and shine properties, good for all hair types.
        • Spiking Gel- Super Extra Firm-*Trendy standout styles are easy to achieve without any sticky or gooey residue, or flaking. Water activated formula goes on wet or dry hair and is easy to wash out.


          • Initiate- Pre-Chemical Service Clarifying Shampoo- *Clarifying formula removes chlorine green, hair spray silicones, medications, and other chemical residues.
          • Negate-Clarifying Treatment for Chlorine Green & Chemicals- *Designed to remove and eliminate chlorine green, cosmetic coatings, trace metals, medication and salts from hair while adding sheen and manageability. Use before swimming to prevent green hair!