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Denver Hair and Beauty Supply Wellness Combo


The Wellness Premium Collection Plant Purity for Purely Beautiful Hair. All you have to do is focus on your style!

Our Wellness Premium Collections feature state-of-the-art formulas that transform hair to its shiny, healthy and strong presence with full body and a luxurious light feeling like you’ve never experienced before. Based on the proven science underlying the hemp plant and its healing properties, our products are full of benefits that effect the hair immediately.

Essential Benefits of our Wellness Premium Collection for your hair:

Strengthens every hair filament

Stimulates scalp micro circulation

Replenishes the luster of your hair

Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss

Our formulation of organic cold pressed hemp seed oil with our select entourage of other leading=edge ingredients ensures that the hemp plant’s essence penetrates every hair follicle and filament, rejuvenating your hair to regain and retain its healthy natural look, purely beautiful.

Especially beneficial for hair that has been chemically treated, damaged by the sun or colored repeatedly, to return your hair to its purely beautiful state.


Intensive - Straight & Wavy

Unmatched benefits of superior plant protein & ultra-hydration

Proprietary micro-capsule technology

Repairs extreme chemical and UV damage

Promotes hair growth and scalp-microcirculation

Color-safe with anti-breakage benefits

Noticeable results within the first-time use of the collection


Hydrating - Curly & Coiled

To be used as a synergistic therapy system for curly, coily, and thick hair types including the Hydration Collection shampoo, conditioner, mask and silver serum


Wellplex- Damaged & Chemically Treated

Our Wellplex Collection is a cleansing and repairing collection infused with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, fiber-plex, and hyaluronic acid. This award- winning formula works to reverse internal keratin damage up to 3X.


Platinum- Highlighted & Bleach Blonde

Achieve the ultimate blonde hair with our advanced botanical violet shampoo. Infused with micro-capsule technology that opens hair follicles to deeply cleanse, eliminate build-up, detoxify, soothe, and replenish the scalp with unmatched benefits of our star ingredient, organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Our formulas eliminate yellow brassiness, tones, and refreshes highlights leaving bleached blonde and silver hair brightened and repaired.