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Hydra Care Shampoo

It is expressly formulated for dry and chemically treated hair. It assures the needed cleansing by leaving hair soft, elastic and brilliant. The vegetable derivates, such as the oil of wheat germ and the soya wisteria, are particularly specific for giving the right hydration grade to the dry hair.

Hydra Care Mask

Thanks to the exceptional combination of its emollient properties, Hair Mask is a pearly creamy product. It is indispensable for extremely dry hair re-hydration and for restoring of seriously chemically damaged hair.

Hydra Care Instant Restitutive Spray

Leave on instant treatment for all types of hair. Thanks to the noble substances, such as B6 vitamin, calcium pantothenate and sea collagen, it is specifically advised for colored, bleached, treated hair and given a permanent wave or stressed from chemical agents, use of brushes and blow dryer. Its formula gives hair protection, elasticity and silkiness.

Color Care Shampoo

Guarantees long-lasting coloring, perms and bleaching. The acid ph, together with the monoi oil, coconut oil and guar ensures the needed cleansing to skin and hair, make them soft, brilliant and elastic to comb. It is warmly advisable to use on extremely fragile hair, like children’s hair.

Color Care Mask

Formulated to restore the appropriate grade of hydration, it is advisable for chemically treated, colored, bleached and/or straightened hair. It is also suitable for natural hair sensitized by blow dryer, brush and hair straightener. Its rebalanced ph makes again hair elastic, brilliant and easy to comb.

Color Care Hair Treatment

It is a real cosmetic treatment. Restructure deeply dehydrated hair by chemical treatments. The action of vegetables proteins, for example alga extracts, as the hypnea, give hair keratin lamellas an efficacious rebalanced action, making hair elastic, brilliant, extremely soft and easy to make the desired hairstyle. Its rebalanced formula allows to treat hair effectively, without rinse. It does not make hair heavy, even if fine and weakened. It is advisable using all days and it is also perfect before cut your hair.

Perfecta Silver Shampoo

Perfecta shampoo for grey hair is an innovation in the field. Delicate cleansing action providing a pleasant sensation of brilliance and shine, enhancing the natural silver hair color. Thanks to its particular moisturizing treatment properties, avoids the yellow effect of the hair.

Support Product


Innovative product with special ingredients and unique packaging. Use on dry hair to define the style and obtain rich and brilliant colors. Twink has emollient and moisturizing ingredients. Use also to smooth your hair with Twink and a proper brush and blow dryer to achieve straight, smooth and shiny hair.

Ecologic Fix

Enriched by the protective action of Vitamin E which maintains the integrity of the hair. Ensures a long lasting hold of the style. Protects from humidity. It does not weigh down the hair. It does not leave residue. Stiffness is eliminated by brushing. It makes hair silky and smooth to the touch.


Molding Gel enriched by the protective action of Vitamin E. It maintains the integrity of the hair. Protects hair from the drying action of environmental agents. Does not weigh down the hair. Does not leave residue. It guarantees a natural hold leaving hair smooth, shiny and easy to style.


Thanks to the action of Vitamin E it gives hold and volume, protecting hair from pollution. Brushing and using a blow dryer are the main causes of split ends.

Ext Delicata

This hair spray ensures a firm hold while leaving a protective transparent film to guard against atmospheric agents. The invisible film does not leave a trace of residue even if the hair spray is used several times a day. The firm hold disappears with brushing. This spray can be used on all types of hair.

Cristalli Liquidi

Fluid of beauty, advisable for damaged and chemically treated hair such as colored, straightened, bleached or given a permanent wave. The synergetic action of its vitamins and proteins gives elasticity, volume, softness and an insuperable shine. Concentrated fluid specific for treatment of dry, damaged and split ends hair. Leave on product. Apply on dry or wet hair everyday before styling.

“Pink” Vials

Restoring cosmetic lotion for damaged and chemically treated hair. The action of flax seeds and vegetal extracts provides the correct hydrating grade moisture level to hair stem, making hair elastic, shine and extremely soft and easy to comb.

“Blue” Vials

Essential oil with flax seeds and vegetal extracts. It is a cosmetic treatment rinse out, specific for colored and chemically treated hair. Deeply restructures dry hair and poor of lipids hair, giving them body and brilliance.