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Holistix is a new brand that takes a holistic approach to hair care. Focusing on sustainability, Holistix uses only the best natural ingredients and even goes as far as using tree-free packaging.

Gluten Free!

  • No Sulfates
  • No Paba
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • No Sodium Chloride
  • No Added Colors
  • Made in the USA
  • No Parabens
  • Natural Fragrance
  • No Petroleum or Petroleum byproducts


  • Shampoos And Conditioners
    • Daily Shampoo- *Contains Holistix Complex, hydrates, conditions and strengthens while cleansing
    • Daily Conditioner- *Contains Holistix Complex, detangles, hydrates and strengthens without weighing the hair down
    • Hydrating Shampoo-*Contains Holistix Complex™, hydrates, conditions and strengthens while cleansing.
    • Hydrating Conditioner-*Contains Holistix Complex™, detangles, hydrates and strengthens without weighing the hair down. Can be used daily.
    • Volumizing Shampoo- *Experience luxurious cleansing while strengthening and volumizing fine hair. Contains natural enzymes to protect colored hair from fading. Refreshing Spearmint Fragrance
    • Volumizing Conditioner- *Condition and strengthen with incredible volume. Completely weightless, Volumizing Conditioner can be used as a quick rinse or left on for five minutes to intensify conditioning. Contains natural enzymes to protect colored hair from fading. Refreshing spearmint fragrance.
    • Styling Products
      • Volumizing Foam- *Weightless volume, incredible shine and flake-free styling in a liquid to foam application. Excellent with curls, natural or permed. Medium hold. Protects colored hair from fading, natural light mango fragrance.
      • Blowout Serum- *Pure argan oil infused. Contains Holistix Complex™. Speeds up drying time over 35%. Smoothes stressed hair and increases volume while providing incredible shine, brush glide and combability. Formulated for longer lasting color
      • Texturizing Cream- *Formulated for longer lasting color. Medium hold styling creme. Adds texture and definition. No flaking. Provides incredible shine and condition.
      • Lite Oil Treatment-*Our Lite Oil Treatment that is made with Pure Argan Oil is the first product from the Holistix line. It contains natural ingredients, and is free of sulfate, sodium chloride, parabens, MEA, DEA, and dyes. The product also features tree-free labels made out of bamboo, bagasse, and cotton linters.
      • Dry Styling Putty- *It provides a firm hold and pliable matte texture and gives you a little time to reach your desired look , then it sets for a fantastic look that you will love all day! *Seals in moisture, *Flexible memory, *Natural Orange-Ginger Fragrance

    Holisix Complex: A natural collection of ingredients that address anti-aging, color protection, conditioning, and strengthening all in one system

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